International Noir Returns to Roxie

Midcentury Productions (Don Malcolm) and I Wake Up Dreaming (Elliot Lavine) have combined forces to expose audiences to the international noir movement that flourished after WWII and continued well past Hollywood’s noir era. A RARE NOIR IS GOOD TO FIND will present 15 noirs March 19-23 at San Francisco’s Roxie Theatre. France, Hong Kong, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, Greece, Brazil, Poland, and Korea are all represented in the festival. As well as spanning continents, the films in the festival span decades with release dates ranging between 1949 and1974. Jules Dassin’s 1974 Greek produced noir The Rehearsal (I dokimi) reflects the increasing political bent of the films of the era with its examination/recreation of a massacre of Athenian college students by the Greek junta performed on a darkly lit New York sound-stage. Film scholar and FNF Board of Directors member Foster Hirsch will interview one of the film’s ensemble cast members, Stathis Giallelis, following the screening on March 22. For a complete line up of films visit the official website.


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